The Master's WebKit CD Package

  • Web Site Graphics
  • Site Design Templates
  • Software and Shareware
  • Web Tools & Utilities
  • CGI & Java Scripts
  • Automated Follow-Up
  • Courses & Tutorials
  • eBooks and Info-Products
  • Resalable Software
  • Resalable Info-Packages
  • Sales Web Sites
  • Resalable Packages
  • Wholesale CDs For Resale

Information and Tools For Success On-Line

Growing any business is like launching a rocket, most of the work is in just getting it off the ground. If it was easy everyone would be successful. I want you to be successful, that's why I created this CD, it contains absolutely everything you'll need.

The result of six years ongoing development and there is nothing else like it for sale anywhere, at any price. The CD contains absolutely everything required to develop your successful web-based business in a professional manner, including all the products and the complete sales web site you'll need.

I know this package can help you grow your own web-based business because it's full of the very same tools and strategies I have used for over 8 years to build my own successful Internet Business.

We purchase the distribution rights to the best and most popular software and info-products with resale rights and pass on both the products and the resale rights to you saving you thousands of dollars and months to years of research.

It's all on the CD, in fact he Master's WebKit CD even includes several of the best and most popular Downloadable Packages, and hundreds of individual info-products you can use to grow your own business and resell as products. You keep 100% of your earnings.

It can be a profitable business also. You can even resell the WebKit CD earning $46.00 profit per sale using a sales website we supply you in the CD. It doesn't matter what you sell on line, the WebKit CD will give you the information you need to earn more profitand the tools to make even more sales.

Special CD Resellers Offers
_Want to start your own information business? Consider our new 8 CD resaler's discount package. You'll get 8 CDs and a complete sales website. Resell the CDs for $760.00 earning $70.00 profit each CD.


Growing Your Successful Internet Business

The most common mistake almost everyone makes, at least in the first year or two is assuming they already know enough to sell products and services on the Internet. Just like any job it requires specific skills and training to sell products and services on-line. This CD will teach you whatever you need to learn for success as well as provide you with the best hard to find resources you'll need.

I have already done most of the time consuming work purchasing rights to products for you to sell. I even give you a copy of my sales website. Success requires more than good products, so we give you all the marketing tools and information available to insure your success the first time out, no matter what you sell.

This CD is more than worth every cent, and it sells like crazy, but don't just buy it only for the business opportunities it provides. You need it it to learn how to sell any product or service or make any business you choose profitable on the Internet, You need it it for the courses, tutorials, software, graphics, scripts webmaster's tools and utilities.

Products On The Master's CD
_ A Brief Overview of the Contents on the CD
_ Website Templates And Graphics Collections
_ Learning Tools, Utilities, & Scripts
_ Software & Demos On The Master's CD
_ Downloadable Resalable Packages
_ Full Reseller Packages With Web Sites
_ eBooks With Full Re-selling Rights
_ eBooks You May Give Away
_ Your Copy of The CD Sales Web Site

Master's WebKit CD Resale Rights

As an owner of the WebKit CD you will have access to a special order form where you can purchase additional CDs for $49 each. We will drop ship the most recent version to you or to your customers directly. You simply enter your customer's shipping address and we will take care of packaging and shipping directly to your customers. You become full partners earning $46.00 profit with each sale, and we do all the work.

Keep the products, sell the resalable products and complete packages and resell CDs you buy from us wholesale.

We will even supply you with a website you can use to resell the CDs and earn $46.00 profit without shipping anything to anyone.

_ See Your WebKitCD Sales Website

With the Master's WebKit CD Package, it doesn't matter if you want a high profit information products to sell or if you want all of the tools and information to grow your own business because you get both.

Special CD Resellers Offers
_Want to start your own information business? Consider our new 8 CD resaler's discount package. You'll get 8 CDs and a complete sales website. Resell the CDs for $760.00 earning $70.00 profit each CD.


Master's WebKit CD Marketing Resources

The 'Be Your Own Boss' Archive

Here you'll find 1,000s of marketing articles and tutorials about absolutely every aspect of Internet Marketing. Every article is written by respected Full Time Marketing Professionals sharing exactly what they do every day to secure their own success. The archive includes a self-contained Directory by topic and is included on the CD.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter

Learn why our subscribers trust our long-term business advice. The bi-weekly newsletter includes the best of the best from our on-line ezine plus timely insider's marketing secrets and sales strategies. It's 100% Free!

Articles You May Reprint In Your Web Site Or Ezine

We include Free content for use in your newsletter or on your web site. The only requirement is to include the author's resource information intact at the bottom of the articles. We even include an ebook with over 1,000 articles available via autorosponder.

Developing & Managing Your Web Site

Design Software and Tutorials

We provide several free and low cost HTML design software programs and automated site builder software tools you can use to build your web site regardless of your current level of ability.

Included are the best HTML learning tools available, choose from several step-by-step tutorials resulting in a web site you know how you created. These Tutorials cover all aspects of Web Site Design and Development, (HTML tags, hosting HTML editors Fonts, Links, Tables, Javascripts, FTP, SSL, Forms, e-commerce and scripts to name a few). There are additional resources available for more advanced study.
_More About The Software & Design Tutorials Available On The CD
_About Web Site Design Templates And Graphics Collections On The CD

Automating Your Web Site

Good tools and the ability to use them is the most important key to success at anything. We Include tools and utilities to automate and integrate interactivity with your visitors into your pages.

In addition, we provide access to complete collections of free and low cost CGI scripts, and to "cut & paste" Java Scripts available for use on your web site.

You'll find links to complete archives that offer thousands of scripts rated by users, including almost every script that's available on the CD and many are completely free to you.

More Sources and Interactive Scripts

  • Nine Bonus Software Utilities
  • 2 Free Automated Autoresponder Scripts
  • Free Text to HTML Converter Utility
  • A Free Web-Based Form Generator
  • A FREE Script to protect your images from being copied
_More About The Web Tools, Utilities, and Scripts Available On The CD

Special Offers and Marketing Tools & Resources

In order to include the very best software solutions any business might require, we include the current demo programs for software we use and recommend as well as other top rated shareware or demo programs we believe you may find useful.

We supply a demo of Traffic Seeker, it's an automated search engine submission program that submits to over 800,000 worldwide search engines, directories link and classified pages. This program includes a built in scheduler, meta tag creator, link popularity checker, Doorway page creator, FTP Uploader and more.

A top 10 ranking in a major search engine like AltaVista, Lycos, or Google will often generate more targeted traffic than an expensive banner advertising campaign - and, a good search engine position is highly targeted advertising that is both FREE, and effective! We included a demo copy of the Web's most established and most trusted Positioning and Web Site Optimizing Software WebPosition Gold.

The eBbookWholesaler Membership Option

If you are an experienced Internet Marketer or intend to become one, I suggest you consider a membership in the eBookWholesaler. You will start out with over 85 (and counting) exclusive ebooks brandable ebooks including websites. Each month you will get more top quality e-books to re-sell.

Through the eBookWholesaler membership you will also receive the ability to personalize and brand many of the ebooks contained in the CD and some of the ebooks in several of the info-packages included on the CD.
_Click Here To Visit the eBookWholesaler Web Site

Master's WebKit CD Special Reselling Rights

As a Master's WebKit CD owner you may use, re-sell or give away all of the ebooks contained in the CD as defined by the authors. You may also purchase additional CD ROMs Wholesale from us for resale. Your cost of additional CDs for resale is only $49 per CD and Shipping Is Included FREE. The CDs sell for $95.00. Your Profit is $46.00 per sale .

You don't have to buy your own CDs in advance for resale, you will receive access to a special order form where you can purchase additional CDs for $49 per CD and we will Drop Ship directly to your customer free.

Bonus Resalable Packages

We put the very best of the products from the following packages on the Master's WebKit CD. We include the full packages on the CD for you to use and for you to sell from your own web site. There is product duplication in the various packages, however each package combination is targeted differently.

We regularly sell all the following packages individually. You will have permission to sell them as individual packages and the individual products as bonuses or give away as defined by the original authors on your web site or through your newsletter. Additionally, many of the ebooks, web tools, and software from these packages include sales pages and graphics you can use to sell many of the individual products.

NOTE:   In order to retain the exclusive nature of the individual packages and protect their selling value FOR YOU and others into the future, you do Not have permission to discount most the package prices. You may not offer complete packages as bonuses for other products you sell. These rights are reserved for the package creators. You may however, Keep All The Money you earn re-selling these individual packages to others. Some packages contain ebooks requiring Win 95/98 and may not run properly in Windows 2000, NT, or XP
The Home Business Package

We created The Home Business Package as a downloadable product in 2003 before the WebKit CD. It regularly sells for $49.95 alone. You will receive resale rights to the individual products and to the complete package. All the contents are also contained on the WebKit CD. This package contains several ebooks requiring Win 95/98

This package comes with a FULL Sales Web Site that you can personalize to sell the package and the individual products. All you do is register a domain name, personalize and upload your files and you are ready to make sales.
_ You get Full Resale Rights, Selling Price $49.95
_ Visit The Sales Web Site To Learn More

The eBook2006 Downloadable Package

The eBook2006 Downloadable Package was first created in early 2001, it has grown from 8 products over 48 info-products (78 for Windows 95/98 users). The current version it sells for $49.97. The package contents are included in the Master's WebKit CD. You may resell this package also and keep 100% the earnings royalty-free.

We also offer a special option to purchase the Full CD version of the eBook2006 package. Since it was created before the WebKit CD it contains most of the content but is marketable to a different market segment on the Internet. You can purchase copies for resale for $5 each from us after purchasing the original and resale rights with your purchase of the WekKit CD for an additional $25.00 more. It sells for $69.95. If you do the math, that's over $60.00 profit per sale. The eBook2006CD does not include a sales web site.
_You get Full Resale Rights, Selling Price $49.97
_Visit My Sales Web Site To Learn More
_The Full eBook2006 CD Option.


You receive resale rights for the Downloadable Version of The ULTIMATE eBUSINESS Package by Len Thurmond. This package also contains 3 MASTER Sales Web Sites and a Branding Utility for the Master eBook ULTIMATEeBUSINESS.exe The Master's WebKit CD also contains the best products from the ULTIAMTE eBUSINESS to save you the time required to download all the content from the Internet. The downloadable package master ebook requires Win 95/98.

There are more than 200 ebooks and many software programs and utilities included in the downloadable package that you may sell or give away. You may also resell the downloadable version for $67 each or Burn Your Own CDs to sell for $67 each. Master's WebKit CD owners without the ability to burn CDs may Purchase XP updated ULTIMATE eBUSINESS CDs from us directly for resale.

We offer Master's WebKit CD owners without the ability to create and burn CDs an option to purchase an original from us optimized for Windows XP with the autostart feature and our website. You will be permitted to personalize the CDs and duplicate them on your own. An updated sales web site for the CD is included. After you purchase an original you may burn your own CDs or purchase them in bulk from us directly.

We also have a Special One Time Option to receive both CDs for $125 total, this option is only available when you purchase the Master's WebKit CD, and it can be withdrawn at any time.
_You get Full Resale Rights, Selling Price $67.00
_Visit My Sales Web Site To Learn More
_A Listing Of What You Get In This Package.

Fast Selling Software Package

Quality Software Products You Can Use or Resell To Others For A Profit! . You will receive Master Resale Rights to all the Individual Information Products, Utilities, and Software, and to the Complete Downloadable Package.

Get 23 fast selling programs you can sell and keep all the profits from. It's so easy, it's like printing money... You may offer this package as a bonus or even discount the selling price.

Not only can you sell these popular software programs but you can also give them away as bonuses including individual products or the entire master package.
_You get Full Resale Rights, Selling Price $24.95
_Visit The Sales Web Site To Learn More

Free To Sell Marketing eBook Collection

This is the collection that started them all, Tom Hua of The eBookWholesaler created this package. All of the ebooks contained are on the WebKit CD. You will receive the Downloadable Version of this product to resell. It sells for $49.97 and you get a copy of the Full Sales Web Site. This package contains several ebooks requiring Win 95/98.
_You get Full Resale Rights, Selling Price $49.97
_A Visit The Sales Web Site To Learn More

The eBook Monster Package

The eBook Monster Package from Pam Renovato Contains 18 information products with full resale rights! Retail Value $290.00. Four products come with sales web pages. This Downloadable Package sells for $47.00; it includes a Sales Web Site for the complete package and reselling rights to all the ebooks. Now it's Included FREE. You may offer this package as a bonus or discount the selling price. This package contains several ebooks requiring Win 95/98 Several ebooks may not run properly in Windows 2000, NT, or XP.
_You get Full Resale Rights, Selling Price $49.95
_See The eBook Monster Package Web Site

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I developed the WebKit CD over 6 years. To date we have not had a single refund request, in fact, we have not had one complaint of any kind. We could have filled pages with testimonials, instead I filled this site with information about what you actually receive in the packages, and offer you my personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can get a full refund if you are unhappy.

Purchase Extra CDs & Sell For $95.00 - Keep 100%

PS:If you are concerned about the cost of the WebKit CD, Consider our new 8 CD resaler's discount package. You'll get 8 CDs and a complete sales website. Resell the CDs for $760.00 earning $70.00 profit on each CD.

PPS: It doesn't matter if you are looking for a low cost way to learn Internet marketing or if you are looking for the highest profit business possible. The Master's WebKit CD is the solution for you. Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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