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How To Get Your Own Domain Name And Web Site, Without Paying A Web Hosting Company
           By Dirk Dupon   ©2004 All Rights Reserved

It is very important to have your own domain name on the Internet. It gives you or your business credibility, and it's the only way to get listed properly in the search engines.

Today, registering domain names has never been easier and affordable. The domain name registration system has been opened to other companies besides Network Solutions. This means that you can now register your own domain name with .com, .net or .org extensions for much lower prices than the $35.00 Network Solutions used to ask.

Anyone can register a domain, no matter what country you live in or even if you have a web site or not.

You can for example use to register a new domain name for only $13.50 per year!

(You can select a registration period ranging from 1 to 10 years and there are no other fees, no NIC fees, no setup fees or domain parking fees involved.)

Once you have your new name, you will want to point it to a web site. If you just want to reserve the domain name for future use, you do not have to do anything.

But what if you don't want to pay for a professional web hosting company?

Well, then you can get a free web site, and forward your new domain name to this URL. I, for example, got myself a free web page from: and then got my domain name forwarded to this free page.

(Of course you can use any other free webhost that allows you to redirect your domain name to their servers.)

If you would like to have your own domain name and web site, here's how to do it:

First, go to and search if your desired domain name is still available.

If it is, you can register it instantly and pay with your credit card. Your name will show-up in a WHOIS search within 24 hours.

With the Domain Manager you have instant access to your domain registration information, and this makes it easy for updates, maintenance or future domain transfers.

Then, use the Domain Manager to change your name servers to the name servers of your free web page's hosting company.

When this is done, ask your hosting company to add your new domain name to their name servers, and to forward the domain name to your new site. asks $15.95 to do this for 1 Year!

Now every time someone enters your URL in his/her browser, your site will show up automatically, and no one will know that you don't have a paid web host, because there are no disturbing advertising banners involved.

You can register as many domain names as you like, and forward them all to your free web sites.

Try it for yourself, it's easy, and it's a cheap way to give your business more publicity on the Net.

Happy registering!

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