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Fourteen Ways To Evaluate A Business Opportunity
      By John J.O'Callaghan

Question: What do perpetual business opportunity seekers and heavy daters have in common?

Answer: They are both unable to make a commitment!

When I lost my first wife seven years ago, I was so distraught I dated over 100 women in three years. Since I had no problem getting a date, I was spoiled for choice and became addicted to dating.

I might still be dating for ever...unable to make up my mind...never finding a new Miss Right...if I hadn't produced a "List of Fourteen Things I'd Like My Ideal Woman to Have." That helped sharpen my focus and when the field narrowed to just three likely ladies, I was finally able to make a commitment.

How many opportunities have you looked at in the last three years? How many will you look at in the next three? Here's a list fourteen ways to ensure you don't overlook the opportunity that's right for you, or invest in the one that's wrong for you.

1. Does the advertiser offer work at home schemes like envelope stuffing; assembling products; knitting or sewing? If so, beware.

2. Does the advertiser give you a street address and a telephone number? If your only contact is through a box number, beware.

3. Does the advertiser offer a money-back guarantee? If not, beware,

4. Does the advertiser want you to send out chain letters? Usually you are told the scheme is perfectly legal. You are asked to send $5 to five people for a one or two-page report. You are asked to delete the bottom name, add your own name, buy a mailing list, buy stamps and mail letters. You are promised thousands of dollars when your name gets to the top of the list. Beware. Chain letters are illegal.

5. Does the advertiser tell you you can make more money recruiting people than selling products in his MLM scheme? If so, beware. Pyramid selling schemes are illegal.

6. Does the advertiser want to sell you information or charge a processing fee for helping you obtain SBA financing, repair bad credit, obtain credit cards and qualify for free cash grants? If so, beware.

7. Does the advertiser promise to reveal a unique secret of success? Something so secret, you have to buy it to find out what it is? Beware. If you are not absolutely sure what it is you are buying, don't buy it.

8. Does the advertiser offer free consultation or advice on how to market the product or service? If not, beware. 9. Does the advertiser promise to reveal a secret magic formula that will change your life overnight? Beware. There is no secret magic formula for success. 10. Does the advertiser promise an easy, lazy way to make huge amounts of cash virtually overnight? If so, beware. There is no quick, easy, lazy way to get rich.

11. Does the advertiser want you to tie your money up in stock, or, is he willing to drop- ship? If he does not offer a drop-ship program, beware,

12. Does the advertiser want you to resell health products and vitamin supplements that can be bought in health stores? If so, beware.

13. Does the advertiser offer less than fifty percent commission? If so, beware.

14. Does the advertiser try to pressure you? If he says something like, "If you don't buy this now, chances are it won't be here tomorrow," you should beware. Cool it and back off. It will be there tomorrow.

PS. The late J. Paul Getty once said that opportunities were like buses. If you missed one and cared to wait, you could catch another bus later. But, in the end, you will pay more because the fare will have gone up!

There is truly a "tide in the affairs of men," and if you don't catch it at the opportune moment, you could pay a high price, or wait forever and never catch it.

In everything you do there is a degree of risk. According to the law of aerodynamics a bumble bee cannot fly. Its wing span is too small in relation to its weight and the size of its body. But the bee doesn't know this and when it flaps its wings, it flies. And so can you!

But, if you continue to think as you have always thought, and procrastinate as you have always done, you will never know what it is to fly like a bee, or soar like an eagle.

First carefully calculate the risk and when you see what looks like a good opportunity, go for it!

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