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Key Words And Phrases To Skyrocket Your Sales
_By Terry Telford   ©2004 All Rights Reserved

_Why do some ads motivate you to immediately punch your credit card numbers into your computer, while others transport you directly to dreamland? It's the copy, of course! Great copy picks up the reader, motivates them to action and inspires purchases. More Sales = More Profit. More Profit = More Money. More Money = More Luxurious Lifestyle For You.

_To make things easy for you, here is a list of the most motivating words and phrases used in copy writing today. Use this list as a basis for your collection, but always be on the lookout for ads that make you want to buy. These ads have hit your HOT buttons and most likely are hitting the HOT buttons of other prospects just like you. Collect the words and phrases that motivate you to buy and add them to this list. By building your own personalized list of trigger words and phrases, you will decrease the time it takes to write your copy and increase your sales.

HOT motivating words
_Absolutely, amazing, approved, attractive, authentic, bargain, better, big, breakthrough, cash, colossal, complete, confidential, crammed, delivered, direct, discount, discover, discovery, easy, excellent, exciting, exclusive, expert, famous, fascinating, fortune, free, genuine, gift, gigantic, greatest, guaranteed, helpful, huge, immediately, improved, incredible, informative, instructional, interesting, largest, latest, limited, love, lowest, magic, miracle, money, new, noted, odd, outstanding, personalized, popular, power, powerful, practical, private, professional, profit, profitable, proven, quality, rare, reduced, refundable, remarkable, reliable, results, revealed,, revolutionary, scarce, scientific, secrets, security, select, sensational, simplified, sizable, special, startling, strange, strong, sturdy, successful, superior, surprise, terrific, tested, tremendous, ultimate, unconditional, unique, unlimited, useful, valuable, wealth, you.
_'You' is the all time, most important word you can use in your ads. Make sure you use the word 'you' at least 5 times more than you use the word 'I.' Remember, your prospects are reading your ad with the constant desire to know 'What's in it for me?'

HOT motivating phrases
_Act now!, Be one of the first 100 people to…, Free details, Free list, Free catalog, Free directory, Free course, Free gift with purchase, Free samples, Extra bonus, Get started now, Get your copy today, Get yours at wholesale prices, Limited time offer, No obligation, Order direct from the manufacturer, Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, Send today.
_These lists are just the beginning. Use these lists to start your personalized file of HOT motivating words and phrases and use them in all of your advertising. Your ads will pull better and give you a much greater ROI. Until next time, good luck and God Bless.

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