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Making Money Without a WebSite, There is Another Way
           By Angie Boldwyn   ©2004 All Rights Reserved

      Based On A True Story

A full blown website done right is a wonderful tool but I was a Webmaster for two years and believe me, if you don't have the time or inclination to do it right, don't bother.

I had made great strides in the two years but it took me many hours to maintain the site, produce an excellent newsletter, and promote the site. If you're trying to work too, it can be "Stress City!". My hats off to all those webmasters who hang in there until they're able to work their own business full time.

I was hanging in there until one day my body rebelled and at forty-two I landed in the hospital. I had a heart attack! Can you believe it? I couldn't either and realized something had to go. Unfortunately, the only choice was my website. Yes, I'm chicken, I guess. I chose job security and my family. Yes, family causes a little stress but I decided they were "Keepers".

Now, I'll get to the point. Six months later I'm itching to get back on the bandwagon. What can I do to make some money on the net without reviving my domain yet? (It is in the works but will be totally different). Geared toward "Making Money" & "Helping Others" but hopefully less stressful to upkeep.

1) I went thru all the "good stuff" and "bad stuff" I have bought & joined over time and picked out one (for now) of the reseller programs that had made me some money and had a good commission attached to a sale.

2) I made up some ads, ran a few in newsletters that offered free ads to test them. The response was adequate for free ads. Here is an excellent directory that lists newsletters and ezines that offer free ads.

* Good ad copy is a must. If you don't get a good response, it's either your ad copy or your product. Good Product + Good Ad Copy = $$$$$$ The product I chose just happens to include help with writing creative ads, of course.
3) Now, get ready. Forget all about the FFA Sites, most of the free classifieds, and even most of the safelists. Fool around with them later if you just can't resist but most of them are just not worth the effort. I know you see everywhere, "1000's of hits, submit your site today", but it's a waste of time.

You have to spend some money now. The old adage, "Spend Money to Make Money", is definitely true. I know it hurts, but it works!

Newsletters, ezines, and offline mags and tabloids is your ticket as far as being the fastest way to sales.

4) My experience so far: I chose solo ads to their subscribers but will also be running regular ads. A solo mailing is sent out with your ad only so it tends to get a little more attention.

  • 1 solo ad to 600 subscribers - $15.00 = One $30 Sale
  • 1 solo ad to 3000 subscribers - $20.00 = Two Sales = $60
  • 1 solo ad to 600 subscribers - $10.00 = Two Sales = $60 and so on...

I have several in the works right now, but you get the idea. I spent $45 in the above ads and made $150 = $105 Profit. Am I going out to dinner?

No way! (unless my husband buys!)

I will re-invest that $100 in more ads and more ads until I am ahead enough in profit to really celebrate!

There are many Great Newsletter & Ezine Resources out there. Here's One To Get You Started

Our major problem is it's hard to focus on what you're doing with all the information that is on the net, good and bad. We get involved in so many things, you can't do justice to any of them.

You can do it! Pick a product to get started with, write your ad, and start placing those ads.

FOCUS and you will succeed. Maybe Faster Than You Think!

Much Good Fortune to You & Yours!


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